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Bigfoot (2018)

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My Dear Maarthandam (2018)

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My Dear Maarthandam is a crime comedy court room drama movie directed by Harish KV and produced by Syed Nizamuddin under Mazin Movie Makers banner while ...

Yéti & Compagnie (2018)

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A Yeti is convinced that the elusive creatures known as "humans" really do exist.

Catacombs Of The Mind (2018)

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After proposing to the love of his life and being rejected and humiliated during the process; David who struggles with a host of mental issues decides the only logical way to deal with the ...

Hell Fest (2018)

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A masked serial killer turns a horror themed amusement park into his own personal playground, terrorizing a group of friends while the rest of the patrons believe that it is all part of the show.

Hell Is Where the Home Is (2018)

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Angela Trimbur,Zach Avery,Janel Parrish,Jonathan Howard,Carlo Rota,

Inhumanity (2018)

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Narrowly escaping death at the hands of a notorious serial killer, Jessa Dixon awakens from a coma to learn her father committed suicide. Unconvinced, she investigates the suspicious ...

Kobbari Matta (2018)

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Kobbari Matta

Scam (2018)

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The Weekend (2018)

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A comedian goes away for the weekend with an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

Boarding School (2018)

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A young boy becomes fascinated with the persona of his dead grandmother and is sent to an isolated boarding school for misfits run by a mysterious headmaster and his wife.

Addicted to You (2018)

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Luke Peters is hell-bent on avoiding love, leading him to pose as a recovering sex addict to ditch a clingy girl.

Night Shift (2018)

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After the death of their mother, two destitute brothers rob a service station in an attempt to pay off the mortgage on their family home. But a time lock on the safe containing the money ...

La nonne (2018)

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A priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania and confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun.