Eerie (2018)

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Bea Alonzo,Charo Santos-Concio,Maxene Magalona,Jake Cuenca,

A Land Imagined (2018)

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A lonely construction worker from China goes missing at a Singapore land reclamation site, and a sleepless police investigator must put himself in the mind of the migrant to uncover the truth beneath all that sand.

Happy Mail (2018)

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Yuko Ikeda,Ryoko Kobayashi,Kayo Noro,Hideto Okumura,Mayuna Saburi,

Forest of Paranormal (2018)

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Forest of Paranormal

Meri Mamu (2018)

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Kusum Gurung,Ayub Sen,Aaslesha Thakuri,

Bombay Summer (2018)

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Bombay Summer

Last Day of Darkness (2018)

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In 2001, Green Carnation released the concept album 'Light of Day, Day of Darkness.

Inertia (2018)

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Madeline, a failed journalist, falls into the story of a lifetime. In her effort to finally validate her career, she pushes her inflated ego aside and goes head to head with the Prince. ...

Indiana Jones and the Chronicle of Peace (2018)

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Archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones, along with his trusty sidekick Daisy team up with the feisty Dr. Anna Pembroke to locate the Chronicle of Peace, an ancient scroll that holds the...

Girls Life (2018)

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Catey, Diana, and Janie are thirty-something urbanites and the closest of friends. They face the emotional recoil from having to accept the pressures of finding a lover and doing that thing...

The Trouble (2018)

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Set in the world of underground poker- When a geek and his girlfriend get extorted by a thug, they hire a rogue assassin that leads to unexpected results.

Shot to the Heart (2018)

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An abused boy murders his father and his summer girlfriend tries to hide him from the police.

Kung paano hinihintay ang dapithapon (2018)

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An old unmarried couple broke the monotony of their daily lives when the woman's estranged husband reached out to them, seeking reconciliation and forgiveness.

Something Crashed in the Woods (2018)

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Jeff Profitt,

The Impervious Soul (2018)

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The Impervious Soul

Dinosaurs In A Mining Facility (2018)

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Dr. Stone's mysterious mining outpost just got a new employee. Ian is finally making something of himself, but will he become a hero or dinosaur food?

Writer's Block (2018)

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A group of friends enter the 100 Hour Film Race but nothing seems to be going their way - the countdown is on and every minute moves them closer to the end of the 100 hour time limit to complete and submit their film.

Constance (2018)

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Five High School Students go in search of proof that an old abandoned house in the woods, in the town they live is haunted by a young girl named Constance. What they find is more than bargained for.

Legacy (2018)

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Jason Thomas gathers a team of people from other universes, to help him save the Multiverse.

Non Molto (2018)

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An Actress returns from shooting a film to something else.

Pacific Angels (2018)

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Ethan, a film student in the Pacific Northwest, reflects on his family estrangement after finding interest in local claims of an alien abduction.

Eyes (2018)

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A detective with Alzheimer's disease begins to have second thoughts about a suspect on death row when his execution is scheduled in a few days.

The Lookout (2018)

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The Lookout is a story of love, betrayal, and revenge through the eyes of Lester Quiambao, a gay hired killer who has a score to settle from his past.

Aagan (2018)

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What happens when the villain sets out to seek his revenge from the two lovers who created a ruckus for him.